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Don’t let a chipped, discolored, or damaged tooth get you down when there are effective solutions, such as long-lasting dental crowns. In Mooresville, North Carolina, Rita Bhat, DMD, knows that quality dental crowns are a reliable way to protect and improve a weakened tooth and enhance the appearance of your smile. Dr. Bhat and her team are highly trained and available to answer your dental crown questions. If you’re considering a dental crown, call the office or click to schedule online.

Crowns Q & A

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is specifically sculpted to the shape of your original tooth to act as a cap and improve its functioning, strength, and appearance.

Dr. Bhat securely places your dental crown on top of your original tooth, where it completely covers the area of the tooth that’s visible above your gum line.

Why would I need a dental crown?

There is a multitude of reasons why Dr. Bhat might suggest a dental crown. A crown improves the appearance of your tooth and protects and holds together a weak tooth.

A crown can also cover a discolored or oddly shaped tooth or a dental implant.

What are the different types of crowns?

Crowns can be derived from a number of dental materials, such as:

Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain fused to metal crowns offer a more natural appearance compared to metal crowns, but you should be aware that the metal portion of the crown might be visible as a dark line near your gums. The opposing teeth might also have more wear than they would with another type of crown.

Metal crowns

Metal crowns are strong and work great for tolerating the force of chewing and eating. Due to their color, metal crowns are usually reserved for use in the back of the mouth.

Temporary crowns

For temporary crowns, stainless steel is the most commonly used material.

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns are an excellent choice for those with metal sensitivities. All-resin crowns are more vulnerable to cracking, but they’re also one of the most affordable crown options.

What’s involved in a dental crown procedure?

A dental crown procedure typically requires at least two dental visits.

If your crown involves two or more visits, during your first appointment, Dr. Bhat usually takes in-office X-rays to evaluate your oral health.

Dr. Bhat administers anesthesia and builds up or files down your original tooth to allow your crown to attach securely. She then creates an impression of your teeth before sending it to a dental lab where a technician uses it to create a custom crown.

Dr. Bhat creates a temporary crown to protect your tooth in the meantime until she can place your permanent crown. When your permanent dental crown is ready, you return to the office where she cements it into place.

To discuss your crown options with Dr. Bhat, call or click to schedule online.