Dental Bonding

Rita Bhat, DMD

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Dental bonding can help you resolve minor teeth imperfections conveniently, quickly, and effectively. Dental bonding involves a tooth-colored resin that can protect your natural teeth and restore small cosmetic flaws with lasting results between 3-10 years or more. Compassionate dentist Rita Bhat, DMD, and her team provide dental bonding in Mooresville, North Carolina. Check out this valuable and practical solution and call the office or schedule online today.

Dental Bonding Q & A

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is an in-office dental treatment involving the application of a tooth-colored resin to restore your tooth so it’s structurally complete. Dr. Bhat provides dental bonding to improve and alter the shape of your tooth and conceal any wide spaces between teeth.

If you have minor tooth damage or teeth misalignment, dental bonding could be the right choice for these small aesthetic concerns. Dental bonding can also protect exposed tooth roots.

If you have one tooth that’s too short, dental bonding can change the length so it appears longer and successfully blends in with the rest of your teeth.

How does dental bonding work?

Dental bonding is a simple process that typically takes around 30-60 minutes per tooth.

Dr. Bhat uses a shade guide to determine the best composite resin color to match your natural tooth. Anesthesia isn’t typically necessary unless the bonding is used to fill a decayed tooth.

First, Dr. Bhat slightly roughens the tooth surface before applying a conditioning liquid. This allows the bonding agent to properly adhere to your tooth.

Dr. Bhat smooths and molds the composite resin onto your teeth and uses a special dental laser light to harden the resin. She trims the resin to get the best possible shape and polishes it so it fits with the rest of your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of dental bonding?

Dental bonding has many benefits, such as:

  • Quick, convenient in-office process
  • Minimally-invasive
  • More affordable than some other dental solutions
  • Long-lasting (typically between 3-10 years)

Depending on how well you take care of your teeth, dental bonding is a lasting solution that doesn’t require any special care. Continue to floss once daily and brush twice per day as normal.

Dental bonding is an excellent fix for minor imperfections that entails significantly less removal of tooth enamel compared to other procedures and dental treatments.

Even though dental bonding does feel and act much like your natural teeth, you should still make sure you don’t damage your dental bonding. Clean your teeth regularly, maintain good dental hygiene, and avoid chewing on especially hard items for the best long-lasting results.

If you have questions or you’re interested in how dental bonding can work for you, call the office or use the online scheduler.