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Dental X-rays provide the only means for dentists like Rita Bhat, DMD, to observe the condition and health of the insides of your teeth and the spaces between your teeth. To ensure your dental wellness, Dr. Bhat in Mooresville, North Carolina, offers comprehensive dental care, including X-rays. If you are due for a dental checkup or haven’t had dental X-rays in more than two years, call or book an appointment online today.

Digital X-Ray Q & A

Why are dental X-rays essential?

Preventative dental care is nearly impossible without dental X-rays. Only a small portion of your teeth is visible to the naked eye, so X-rays help Dr. Bhat to examine your teeth carefully, inside and out.

As an example, X-rays might be used by Dr. Bhat to look for signs of cavities inside your teeth, possibly under existing fillings. Also, if any decay is present between your teeth, Dr. Bhat can see it. An X-ray can diagnose the bone deterioration that results from gum disease.

Dr. Bhat uses dental X-rays not only to diagnose dental conditions, but to plan other dental procedures, evaluate orthodontic treatments, and place dental implants. Dr. Bhat uses state-of-the-art technology including the 3Shape TRIOS 3 Basic intraoral scanner and the Lensiora HD to provide the highest-quality dental services.

How often should my teeth be X-rayed?

You should generally have regular bitewing dental X-rays every two to three years if you have good dental health. More extensive X-rays are required every three to five years to monitor the health of the roots of your teeth and the surrounding bone.

Children should get dental X-rays more often due to their ever-changing development. X-rays help dentists to determine if children’s teeth are emerging correctly and whether orthodontic treatment is necessary.

Are dental X-rays safe?

Dental X-ray exams are safe for men, women, and children. X-rays do require a small amount of radiation to create the images of your teeth and bones, but the amount of radiation needed is so tiny it puts you at almost no risk. Today, the quantity of radiation needed is much lower thanks to advancements in dental technology for dental X-ray machines.

Dentists and their team typically take 10-15 X-rays a day. Although they leave the room while the image is taken, they're exposed to some radiation. Even so, dental professionals do not get cancer at a higher rate than any other profession.

You can still have X-rays if you’re pregnant. Dr. Bhat covers you with a special apron and thyroid collar as a precaution. To learn more about digital x-rays and scans, click here.

If you haven't received dental X-rays in more than two years or you think you it might be time for a dental checkup, call Rita Bhat, DMD, or schedule an appointment online today.