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Rita Bhat, DMD

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Evoke - Facial Remodeling

What is Evoke?

Evoke is an innovative non-invasive solution designed to target facial tissue. It is a quick and easy non-surgical alternative to remodel your face, chin, and jawline. Treatments are customized to address your specific needs.

How Does Facial Remodeling Work?

It uses bipolar radiofrequency to safely heat the skin’s subdermal layers. By directly addressing the smile zone, Evoke can help you achieve more youthful and defined facial characteristics. It was created with proprietary A.C.E. (Acquire, Control, and Extend) technology to target dermal layers of skin such that there is no are over or undertreated providing consistent outcomes.

How Safe is the Treatment?

It is a very safe and effective procedure that can be used on all skin types and skin tones.

Does the Evoke treatment hurt?

Most clients find Evoke very relaxing. During treatment, you can expect a warming of your skin like a hot stone massage. You will be able to sit upright and surf the Internet or read a book while treatments are done.

How many sessions are recommended?

We will recommend the optimal number of sessions to achieve your goals. Times and frequency will be tailored to your objectives, usually, 30-45 minutes once a week for 4-6 weeks.

Video on Evoke Facial Remodeling